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Supplier Bahan Baku Restoran

Seledri.Com | Your Culinary Business Trusted Supplier

Shop with us with three conveniences for you to create a special menu. (1) Order in any way you want, (2) Receive product with zero cost of delivery and (3) Pay the bill after several days you opt.


It’s always simpler than shopping online! Get all the sources of fresh and best quality meat with No Hassle, Call Us or WhatsApp now, we will deliver it tomorrow with free delivery, and pay later. Call: 0896-7576-7399.

Culinary Business Supplier

Whatever the meat menu, choosing Seledri.Com as a Supplier of Restaurant Raw Materials for your business is the right choice.*(images just for illustration)

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Give us a call, send us a message, or reach out on our social media channels and we’ll be happy to make a reply.


Testimonials from customers who have purchased our products and original reviews can be seen on the GMB page. If you have had a shopping experience or partnered with us then you can also provide a review.